More games from a while ago

So… I haven’t uploaded these pictures yet. I didn’t want to make a massive post when I bought a bunch, so I split them up, and this is the last of them.

Front Mission 4 is a mech based tactics game released by Square-Enix in 2004. I haven’t played it before, but it was cheap and I thought it looked cool. I haven’t tried it yet.

Jeanne D’arc is a strategy rpg developed by Level 5 (Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII) and it’s one of the highest rated PSP games. I bought it used for under $20.

Alone in the Dark: Inferno is an action/adventure game that only came out last November. It was under $20 and has trophies. I tried the demo and it’s definitely worth playing, especially when it’s so cheap now.

I bought Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast a couple of months ago on ebay and forgot to upload a photo of it. Now I have.


One Response to “More games from a while ago”

  1. hey, random creep here, but I’m like 30 hours into Jeanne D’arc and loving every minute of it. They definitely took the old ogre battle. tactics system but added a lot of nice things to it. And the graphics kick ass, my roommate is playing the same style game for the 360, and the graphics are half as good as they are on the psp.

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