Demigod Multiplayer LAN Download

I was upset by the lack of a LAN option in Demigod when I installed it, and in the manual my friend Muppet had found that there was supposed to be a LAN multiplayer option. I was puzzled by this. I decided to do some searching online and finally found a download that enables it as an option under the multiplayer menu. I found it on Demonoid by typing in “Demigod LAN”, but it’s on a bunch of other torrent sites as well. If you use Demonoid, here is the torrent to download. Once you download it, copy and paste all the files in that download to the Demigod directory on your PC and there you have it. It works perfectly.

A lot of people likely already know this, but I may as well say it for people who haven’t tried it yet. This game has awesome LAN potential. I’ve been playing this game a lot, and have decided that it’s essentially a must own for anyone that owns a PC and enjoys playing multiplayer real-time strategy games. This game was built to be played with other people and I cannot wait to get a group of people together to try this (I am on dial-up, so playing online is a bit of a pain).


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  1. […] online still has problems apparently, but LAN games are still a lot of fun and playable (with the LAN patch). Hopefully the problems get fixed […]

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