Fallout: New Vegas To Be Developed By Obsidian Entertainment!

This is likely the best thing I have heard all year. Thank you Penny Arcade for providing me with the link to this article of pure joy. A new Fallout game, not a sequel to Fallout 3, and being developed by a company created by remnants of Black Isle Entertainment? I need to throw up now, so that is all I have to say. Read the article.

Just to add another news article and not spam my own blog with posts, here is something that almost made me throw up again. The Aliens RPG that has been in development is canceled. I didn’t even know that they were making an Aliens RPG, but that sucks that it is canceled. I need to read more news, obviously.

*sigh* We need some good “Aliens” or “Predator” titles sometime. I can’t wait for Aliens: Colonial Marines.


4 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas To Be Developed By Obsidian Entertainment!”

  1. All I remember Obsidian ever doing is creating a mediocre KOTOR sequel.

  2. They also created Neverwinter Nights 2, and are working on the upcoming Alpha Protocol, which is a RPG spy game adventure set in modern day. It should be pretty good. Also, they have the man behind the Icewind Dale game series on their team.

    I wiki’d them and this is what came up.

  3. That all still doesn’t change the fact my sole experience with them was a shitty KOTOR sequel.

  4. Did you ever play the original Fallout games?

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