I’ve given Dawn of War II another try

Before Dawn of War II came out, THQ had a multiplayer demo available on Steam and I gave it a try. It was only then when I realized that there was no building that is commonly found in RTS games. I found that strange, but I decided to give it a try. Overall I didn’t really like the style, and playing so much Dawn of War, I felt that I would rather continue to play Dawn of War with my friends and not DoW II. I didn’t buy the game.

There is a new demo on Steam, which is now the campaign. There is also a 25% discount if you buy it before tomorrow. I decided I would try it again to see if I should take advantage of this offer. The campaign is more fun than a multiplayer match, but I still don’t feel I should spend $38 USD on this title. It would be worth it if it wasn’t just a Space Marine campaign though. As I was playing the demo I thought that there must be more to it than this, but it’s just Space Marines, so essentially no replay value. It’s just barely an RTS as it has more RPG elements in it than strategy.


One Response to “I’ve given Dawn of War II another try”

  1. I’ll need to try out the demo. I will likely still buy the game though.

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