I have played this game a bit now, and this post is now updated. Still haven’t played multi-player yet, but I can understand how it would be highly entertaining. Anyway, this is the original review with a few things changed.

In Demigod, first off, I noticed that you do not build anything. At all. The closest you come to building anything is casting a spell that summons buildings or units. All of the buildings you have are already there at the beginning of the game, and units are produced by portals that you own/capture.

There are different units you can research at your citidel. You start off with just basic foot troops (warriors and archers) and you can research better troops to add to your ranks. Your portals produce troops, as said earlier, but as you research troops, they are added to each wave of troops that come through. The first troops are priests, then angels, then catapults, and then giants. This appears to be about it. Not a huge variety of troops, from what I have seen, but no big deal. You don’t control them anyway.

Each level is designed like an arena. It’s not out in the middle of a plain, or in a town, or anything. The maps are balanced well. There is limited movement, which limits tactics as far as the environment is concerned, but this doesn’t matter a lot. There seems to be only eight arenas, so I hope they add more.

Tactics in the game are limited in that you only control your demigod and how you develop him/her/it. Troops pour out of your portals and run to a designated spots on the front line and attack. This is really non-traditional and I like it a lot. The troops are there to support the demigod. The demigod captures points, and battles the other demigod/troops/defence structures. The way you use the demigod is crucial to winning.

There are strategic points in each arena. There are buildings close to each point that, if you capture the point, they become yours. This doesn’t include enemy towers of light, forts, or archer towers. Only item and relic stores, gold mines, and regeneration crystals.

The only resource in the game is gold. Spend it wisely. It takes a while to come in at first. Capture more gold mines and research gold income to get it faster.

Items in the game help to make your demigod stronger, move faster, support troops, heal health and mana, etc. You can buy armour, weapons, potions, and what have you. Gold takes a while to build up during a game, so choose items you buy wisely.

Your demigod has the ability to gain experience points and level up. There is a skill tree and you can level up their special abilities, attack power, defence, health and mana, etc. This is where the RPG elements really kicks in. I find it addicting to level up and make my demigod a real killing machine. Demigods have different powers and different ways to develop the demigod allow you to tailor it. They reach a 20 level limit, so choose wisely and adapt your demigod to fighting conditions. Also, each demigod can gain achievements, such as winning a certain number of battles, killing a certain number of other demigods, and there are many others. This will likely be another addicting property to the game for me.

Each match seems pretty short, but that is fine. It seems like it can work as a pick up and play kind of game. Battles could likely last longer with more than just two players on a map, I just haven’t tried multi-player yet. Matches have ranged anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the difficulty level.

There is no single player campaign. There are skirmishes and tournaments. I decided I don’t mind this. It does have achievements, as I noted earlier, which give you some goals to obtain. I guess this is up to the player. If you want a story driven single player, then this isn’t for you. This game was built for multi-player.

On a technical note, the game’s minimum requirements say that it needs Windows XP Service Pack 3. This is not true. I am using SP2 and it works just fine. If you buy it, don’t worry about that.

The game has cd key, but you only use it to register on Impulse. You install it, no cd key needed at installation, and then you don’t even need the dvd in the drive to play. This is one of the major reasons I like Stardock. Stardock published Sins of a Solar Empire and it doesn’t require the disc in the drive either. Gas Powered Games created Supreme Commander (published by THQ) and it doesn’t require a disc in the drive (well, it does until you patch the game). I really like this and I will support Stardock and Gas Powered Games as long as they keep bringing me games that are of good quality. Doesn’t appear like there’s anything as extreme as what caused the uproar with Spore. No Secure ROM-like problems here.

Considering who made and published this game, it is going to have good support and will be improved. Reviewers say the game’s multi-player is like a “beta”. I haven’t played the multi-player yet, but I am sure that problems will be fixed very fast. The single player doesn’t seem to have many problems that I have noticed. We’ll have to see.

The game, overall, is pretty good so far. If you enjoy multi-player, and really want a fun action/RPG/RTS, then find a copy. The multi-player online still has problems apparently, but LAN games are still a lot of fun and playable (with the LAN patch). Hopefully the problems get fixed soon.

Update: For those who are curious about the minimum requirements for the game, I figured I’d list them. Here they are:
Minimum Requirements
Win XP SP3 (works on SP2)/Vista SP1
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of HDD space
DX 9.0c
Video Card: 128 MB (GeForce 6800/Radeon x1600 or better)
Recommended Requirements
Processor: 3.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: 256 MB (GeForce 7600/Radeon 2600 or better)

Update #2: I updated this review to be more current, as I have now played it a bit more.


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