Game update for April 16, 2009

Here are five of the games that I have bought recently. I bought quite a few games at various EBs when Brock, Jordan, and I decided to go to as many EBs as we could. We ended up only going to six of them. This was essentially due to us finding most of the games were were looking for, and didn’t want to spend more money. We stopped at a couple EBs in Kitchener, Milton, and Oakville. Here are a few of the games that I picked up:

I bought Psi-Ops on the recommendation of Jordan, as I haven’t played it or even heard of it for that matter. I gave it a try and it’s great. It’s a third person shooter, and the graphics are very nice. This game cost me $4.

Brock has been trying to find Shadow of Rome for months now, and he finally won an ebay auction. I found it in an EB in great condition other than a mark on the case for $10. I tried it out and it’s great. You are a gladiator and you fight other gladiators in a pit. It’s bloody and you can hit guys with their cut off limbs.

I found the Metal Gear Essential Collection that was essentially perfect other than it didn’t come in a card board box. I didn’t really care because I needed all of these games, they are in unplayed condition, and it was $22.50 for the set. I had the original release of Metal Gear Solid 2, but I traded it in back when I traded in games, unfortunately.


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