Today’s Trip To Waterloo.

Today I went to Waterloo to pick up my girlfriend and went to EB games while I was there, and on the way home I went to Little Shop of Heroes in Listowel. Needless to say, I made some fine purchases.

I traded in the broken PSP at EB games and they gave me almost $80 store credit. After that, I purchased a refurbished PSP 2000 and God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP. The PSP is in pretty good shape, but didn’t come with a memory stick. That bothered me a bit, but whatever. I’ll ask them next time I go back if they had just forgot to put it in. God of War only cost me $25, so it was worth it.

On my way back home, as I mentioned, I decided to stop and visit Steve at Little Shop of Heroes. I picked up Metal Gear Acid 1 and 2, and Lumines for the PSP in really good condition. I also picked up Motor Storm for the PS3, which is in good shape as well. *thumbs up*

I asked Steve about his website and when it was supposed to be up. He said it’ll be up soon. Once it’s up, expect a link to be made available.


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