I Would Have Rather Defecated In My Bed (Not Really…But It May Have Been Cheaper)

Last night, when I crawled into bed, I was ready to snuggle up with my PSP and play some more Patapon before I went to sleep. I powered it on, selected Patapon from the menu, and waited for it to load. The screen was black for quite a while and then I got impatient. I turned off my PSP and tried turning it on again. This time, the PSP didn’t even register that there was a game in the drive. I tried different games and still nothing. My UMD drive is dead, or at least that is the most likely case. This was upsetting, needless to say.

My sleep was, at that point, not an option. I needed to contact the person I purchased the PSP from. I went on to gmail and found his e-mail. I have asked him if it would be possible to get half my money back (since I have already been using it for a while, and I did buy it used off of a total stranger). If I can get something back, I will take it. I plan to trade this PSP in at EB games and, with any luck, I won’t have to pay a lot of a refurbished PSP.

I can’t say that I am pissed off at the guy that I bought the PSP from. I looked it over and decided it was worth buying. The UMD drive failing wasn’t something I was worried about, and I don’t really expect the guy to give me anything back. I planned to buy a PSP 3000 anyway. I just might have to buy it sooner than anticipated. So much for saving money.

Last night I did get around to playing some more Everyday Shooter and I even played some Lumines Supernova. I scored a little over 42,000 in Lumines and I played another level I unlocked, called Bits of Fury, in Everyday Shooter. I got a bit of Patapon in before my PSP failed, as well.

That is all from me today. Expect another post, or an update, if I get a return e-mail from the person I purchased my PSP from.

Update: The seller isn’t going to give me any money back at all. This really does suck. I asked the seller when he made the purchase, in case it is under warranty still (which is not very likely considering it’s an original PSP and has lots of wear). Guess I will be visiting EB games to trade it in.


2 Responses to “I Would Have Rather Defecated In My Bed (Not Really…But It May Have Been Cheaper)”

  1. Is the warranty still active on the PSP? If not, that royally sucks.

  2. It definitely is not still active. I am likely not going to get a response from the guy. I will just trade it in at an EB games and hopefully get $40 or $50 for it. Buy a refurbished one on the trade it.

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