The games I’ve been playing lately:

Empire Total War: I resumed my campaign as Poland-Lithuania that I started when I got it. I wiped out Prussia and I’ve almost taken out Sweden. It’s a great game, but there are some bugs. Sometimes the music just stops, sometimes I get a white screen and the game crashes, sometimes my units don’t do what they have been told, but it’s still good and it will be patched eventually, I hope.

MadWorld: I’ve played a few more levels in MadWorld. It’s mostly just the same thing over and over, so it gets a bit boring quickly, but it’s good in short play sessions. It’s only $39.99 at EB right now, and it’s worth picking up for that price.

Final Fantasy XII: I’ve played some more, but not enough to finish it any time soon.

Burn Zombie Burn!: I’m progressing my way through. I recently got the trophy for exploding 100 Zombies.

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection: I only have VectorMan and VectorMan 2 left for trophies, which I’ll try for today.


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