Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

The platinum for this game is now mine. I already had most of the trophies from the past few days, and today I got the trophy for VectorMan and VectorMan 2, then looked at all the artwork and started each game, and watched the videos. That was it. It was easy since I didn’t have to play through any game, and some were nearly instant such as VectorMan 2: enter a code and select level 11, trophy. Or Ecco the Dolphin: start the game, talk to a dolphin, trophy. This was the easiest platinum so far, but I didn’t experience much of the games on here. I’ll have to play through a few of them. My favorites are the Golden Axe games and Comix Zone. Flicky, Decap Attack, and Kid Chameleon were pretty good too. It’s nice that the first 4 Phantasy Star games are also on here since I haven’t played any of them.

Overall, this was worth the 26.99 I paid for it from Amazon. It’s worth more than that, and I guess that’s why most stores sell it for 39.99.


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