The Last Couple Of Days.

Well, I have been working the last couple of days. Gaming time was limited, but I managed to get in some time with a few games.

First off, I unlocked another level in Everyday Shooter. The new level I unlocked today has these little tanks and whatnot and you shoot them and they actually shoot back in a more aggressive manner than enemies did in the last few levels. I like it. This game is great. I will be playing it forever.

Savage Moon has been keeping my attention consistently. I finally beat the first level on the second moon. In this game, you defend a mining operation from swarms of insectocytes (need to double check the spelling for this, but lazy). You build towers and walls and try to build the most efficient defence you can. You gain money to build defences through destroying the bugs. Each bug has a different value. A simple RTS. I don’t play too many RTS games these days, so it’s a nice change. This reminds me, I still need to get Dawn of War 2 at some point…and play more Sins of a Solar Empire.

The other game I have been playing is Burn, Zombie, Burn!. I have unlocked the Army Base level and only need to get a bronze on it to get to the Labratory level. On the challenge levels, I am at the one where you defend Teddy (your teddy bear).

Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar catches my attention a bit as well. I’ve been playing as the Marine a bit. The level designs are kind of hard to navigate since a lot of the stuff looks the same. I have been finding a few things interesting about the game, and it can be kind of scary at moments. Especially when you hear the predator say something and you have no idea where he is. A bit freaky. Now I know how Danny Glover felt in Predator 2. 😛

Anyway, that is my gaming progress for the last couple of days. This is also the 100th post for the blog. Yay!

Update: Sorry, make that 101st post. Laynix posted something right before I did. Literally minutes or even seconds before. I feel robbed of the glory.


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