April 5, 2009

Today I logged in to Lotro mainly to empty mail boxes, pay upkeep, and make some jewelery for my minstrel. I rarely play this game any more, and I don’t really have the desire to play either. The end game stuff is boring, and progressing other characters through to the end game doesn’t have enough rewards. It’s great fun to play with friends, and it was great playing with Scholl, Muppet, and Gunky at LANs, but the fun is drying up. There is just so much more fun to be had in other games, and I’m having too great a time playing PS3 games to want to dedicate as much time as I did in the past to Lotro these days.

As for PS3 games today, I was playing some Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. I got trophies for Fatal Labyrinth (an ok game), E-SWAT (not very good), and I was working on Flicky (which is pretty fun but is very dated looking, and must have been a port to the Genesis) when Brock wanted to get some Killzone 2 ribbons.

I’ll be getting some more gaming in tonight of course.

I also bought a couple of games on ebay, I’ll post pictures when they’re in.


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