Mail For April 2, 2009

E-Bay has been pretty good to me so far, and today it blessed me with two more great games. Here they are!

First is Einhander. I used to own this game, and played it a lot. It was one of the best shoot ’em up style games for the PS1 and possibly one of the best period. Square Soft made this title back in the day, and it was an odd game for them to release, considering that they primarily ride on the success of their RPG games, and don’t tend to stray off of that trail too often. I highly recommend finding this game if you like games like Gradius, R-Type and Raiden.

Next is a game I have never played before, but I have heard good things. Crysalis for the NES. I found it on E-Bay and the auction was almost over with no bids on it. Needless to say, I got the game for very cheap. It’s an RPG and that is about all I know about the game. Laynix can better describe the game, since he already has it.

Both games came in better than expected condition, and I am having a great day. Now it’s time to go to work.

On another note, Laynix and I had a small gaming session last night with Resident Evil 5. We obtained a few trophies and made it through to 3-2 on amateur getting all of the BSAA emblems and treasures. We’ll be doing the rest of the game next week.


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