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Monthly E-Bay Review For April 2009

Posted in Auctions and Stores - Monthly Review on April 30, 2009 by Matt

This month was a little slower, as far as buying off of E-Bay is concerned. Again, I will be going through a list of items and sellers and giving my opinion and details on how each transaction went down. Here we go.

Joe-630: I purchased SplatterHouse for the Turbo Grafx 16 from this seller. It took a while to get to me, but it finally did and it came as described in the auction. It works perfectly fine and is a great game. No problems here.

norestforthewickedone: I purchased Ninja Spirit for the Turbo Grafx 16 from this seller. It came relatively quick, and I had no problems at all communicating with the seller. The price was good and the game came as described. It works perfectly and I am totally satisfied. No problems.

jest_e_nuff: I purchased Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar from this seller. It came as described and works perfectly. The communication with this seller was very good, and he even ended the auction and made it a buy now so I could just buy it for an agreed upon price. Good seller. I was very happy. No problems.

mlj0hns0n: I purchased an Atari Jaguar Controller off of this seller. It works great and came as described. Was shipped quickly. No problems.

sashimigames: I purchased Einhander for the Playstation One from this seller. It came in great shape, just as described. Shipped quickly and the game works great. No problems.

electricquarter: I purchased tools for opening my games from this seller. The items came as described and worked fine, but they wear out fast. It was cheap, so I expected it. No problems otherwise.

jcf426: I purchased Crysalis for the NES from this seller. It came as described and works perfectly. It was cheap and the there was good communication. Good seller. No problems.

32jkidd: I purchased Lumines 2 for the PSP from this seller. It came sealed, brand new, and was the cheapest copy I could find on E-Bay(that was up to my standards). It shipped relatively fast, and there were no problems.

That wraps it up for April. There won’t be much to post about for next month’s review, so I will likely do a store review next month. I need to visit Scotty’s and Little Shop of Heroes again soon anyway.

Gaming update for April 30, 2009

Posted in Currently Playing, General, News on April 30, 2009 by Laynix

I’m still playing Ferrari Challenge, it’s fun, but I’m growing tired of playing it every day. I have 46% of the trophies.

I’ve also been playing Eve Online every night for the past few nights. Since I’ve joined Bloodstone Industries I have been mining for them. So far it’s going well, and I can play Ferrari Challenge as I mine.

I downloaded and installed Free Realms, mainly because it’s a free MMO that is going to be on the PS3, but it seems very dumb. One of the races is a Pixie, and, well, it just looks too lame.

The best news of the day is that Empire Total War is patched. Creative Assembly has finally patched the game to what should have been finished upon release. They have fixed numerous bugs and crash issues and it seems like they addressed every issue I had with it. The full patch list can be found here. I gave it a try, I started with Sweden and almost immediately attacked Russia. Denmark and Prussia-Lithuania were Russia’s allies and they joined. Prussia-Lithuania sent troops to attack my towns, and Prussia-Lithuania’s protectorate also joined in the fun. I attacked Norway, which was controlled by Denmark, then took my troops to attack Denmark’s capital, and Norwegian rebels stole Norway from me and became a new nation. It’s great.

More Games From People At Work!

Posted in In The Mail/Purchased Items on April 30, 2009 by Matt

This lot of games was arranged quite a while ago, and the guy I got them from finally brought them to work with him.

The game lot included three consoles. A Playstation, a SNES, and a NES. He forgot the SNES, but will be getting it to me next time I see him. All the games he had for the consoles were included in this game lot. I am not going to bother posting pics of the consoles. Everyone know what they look like (I hope) by now.

Now, let’s get to the games, shall we? We’ll start off with the NES games. I have tested the NES games, and they all work perfectly. Here they are in no particular order.

First up is Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. It looks to be in good condition.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A classic game. I used to play this a lot when I was a kid. It’s in good shape as well.

Sky Wolf is a game I have never played.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is a great game. Usually hard to find a good copy of the game, so I am glad that this one is in good shape.

Now for the Playstation games that I received.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. Everyone who reads this may have heard of them. I already had all of the, but I only had a greatest hits copy of VII. All of them came in pretty good shape. Some minor scratches and smudges on the discs and small skuffs on the cases. Otherwise, they are just fine. I sold FF IX to Laynix.

The Legend of Dragoon is a game I meant to get when it came out, but never purchased it. I don’t know why. I may have to find time to play this game. It had a price sticker on it, but other than that the game is perfect.

Metal Gear Solid is a game I used to have and I sold it. I am an idiot. I regret it, and now I have another copy. Too bad this copy doesn’t work. The discs are in rough shape. I will have to get it resurfaced.

I was supposed to get a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics in the original casing as well, but he forgot it too. I will be replacing my greatest hits copy with it, when I finally get it.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the SNES games. I have tested all of these games now, and they all work just fine after a good cleaning.

Star Fox came in decent shape. I already have it and sold it to Laynix’s cousin.

Maximum Carnage came in good shape as well. I, again, have already sold it to Laynix’s cousin.

Donkey Kong Country 1-3 are in good shape, for the most part. There was a sticker on DKC 1 and the PCB in DKC 3 is a tiny bit loose. I will have to open and clean it when I get a new bit.

NHL Stanley Cup and NCAA Basketball are two games I have had before and got rid of. Sports games don’t usually hold any sort of value to me at all. There is always another one each year. Bah. Not even posting pictures for them.

Earthworm Jim 2 is a game I had when I was a kid. I loved the Earthworm Jim games, so I was pleased to see this game in this lot. It’s in good shape.

Mega Man X is a game I never had before. Mega Man games have a reputation for being difficult, so I will have to see.

Stunt Race FX is a game I used to play a lot of as well. I am happy to see it in here, and I will likely hate it now that I am older.

F-Zero is a pretty popular game franchise. I never got into it much, as my first experience with this type of game was mainly with the WipEout games.

Drakkhen is a game I know nothing about. I am guessing there are dragons in it?

Pilotwings will likely be good. I have never played it for the SNES, but I did for the N64. It was enjoyable.

Killer Instinct I already own. It’s a great fighter. Will be selling this.

Castlevania IV I have never played, but I liked the first two games, and the DS games. I’ll likely enjoy it.

Act Raiser 2 is a game I had never heard of before. I will have to try it out. Not sure what it’s about.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest I haven’t played before. I don’t think it was one of the popular FF titles.

Final Fantasy III is a game I’ve wanted for a while. This copy’s label is bubbled up slightly, but oh well. At least I can play it.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is pretty popular. I am sure anyone reading this knows what this game is and how good it is. It’s in okay shape, but the label is peeling up a tiny bit on the front of the cartridge. Bah!

Finally, Secret of Mana is a game I never played, but it’s apparently a great RPG. I have heard a bit about it, and plan to play it. It’s in decent shape, other than the sticker on the back is partially ripped off. Oh well.

This was a pretty good haul of games, and adds quite a bit to my lacking SNES collection. I am fairly satisfied. Getting MGS resurfaced will give me an excuse to go to Scotty’s in Walkerton again. We’ll have to see what kind of deals he’ll have when I go up there. I will likely cave and buy games. I am weak.

Updated: All of the photos, as you can see, are finally posted.

The News For Today (April 29, 2009)

Posted in News on April 29, 2009 by Matt

I was browsing Joystiq and Kotaku for the last 15 minutes and found some interesting headlines I want to share.

Left 4 Dead is a multi-player zombie bash. It’s a great game and is available for download on Steam, as most people already know. However, this Friday starting at 00:01 GMT, the game will be available on Steam for FREE! That is correct! FREE! The catch is that you can only play the game for that 24-hour window, and then the game will lock. It’s like a 24-hour demo of the full game. If you had any doubts on the game, now is your chance to try it out. Pre-load it now so that you can unlock it and have the full 24-hours to game. Read the article here.

Ultima Online is a game I played for two years. It is one of the oldest MMORPGs and it is still kicking. EA is releasing yet another expansion pack for the game to keep it alive for even longer. Stygian Abyss adds a new playable Gargoyle class to the game, as well as new areas to explore. Stygian Abyss, obviously, being one of the new areas, will be the largest dungeon ever implemented into the game. Here is the full article.

Grand Theft Auto IV is now one year old, and to celebrate this occasion they are releasing a limited edition 360 Elite bundle with the game packed in. You’d think that they would include some good stuff to go along with the bundle, but you may be surprised. I find this annoying, even though I don’t need to buy it. You’d think that Rockstar and Microsoft would know what gamers want. Pfft.Check it out.

Just a small piece on inFamous. Talk of trophies and stunts in the game. The more I see and hear, the more I want it. Damn these awesome games coming out and making me broke! LOOK!

Information on the Fallout 3 version 1.5 patch. Just look.

I was looking at this article, and I may have to look into this game. It’s called Trash Panic, and it’s like a mix of Katamari Damacy and Tetris. It sounds like it could be pretty addicting. Yes, more puzzle games, another tetris spin off, yada yada. Who cares, as long as the game is good and it introduces something different.

That is the news I read tonight. I’ll maybe post more later, if I get around to reading more at work.

Mail For April 29, 2009

Posted in Currently Playing, In The Mail/Purchased Items on April 29, 2009 by Matt

Just a short post today about what I received in the mail from E-Bay. Here it is!

I received Lumines 2 for the PSP, brand new and sealed. It was also the cheapest copy I could find on E-Bay, so that made it even better. It is very similar to the original, other than it has new skins and more music. Not really 100% necessary to own if you already have the first one. It’s more like an expansion than a new game. I wanted it though, so I bought it. That and my girlfriend really likes Lumines, so she’ll appreciate it as well.

On a gaming note, this morning I played more Grid and more of the UFC 2009 Undisputed demo. I am getting a lot better at Grid and I am really getting into it. I will likely be playing this a lot for the next couple of weeks until UFC 2009 comes out. UFC is going to be a game I have to buy on it’s release day. I need it. It haunts my dreams and my thoughts. It’s a game that I feel I want to become good at. I can’t wait any longer! May 19 has to get here faster!

Oh yeah, well I’m multi-tasking right now!

Posted in Currently Playing, General on April 28, 2009 by Laynix

That’s right, not only am I playing Ferrari Challenge, still trying to get all of the trophies, but I’m also playing Eve Online, on two accounts. The second account is my cousins, but I’m mining. I recently joined a corp in Eve, Bloodstone Industries, and they need ore to make stuff to make money, so that’s what I’m doing. It doesn’t take a lot of time to mine in Eve, and you really need something else to do or it’s extremely boring. Ferrari Challenge is fun though. I hope to finish it this week.

I’ve Been Playing So Many Games That I Am Almost Multi-Tasking.

Posted in Currently Playing on April 28, 2009 by Matt

I’ve been playing a lot of games the last couple of days. If you read my post on Laynix and I having a gaming session on Sunday, then you know half of it.

Yesterday I had another day off, so I played a few games and decided to install an older game on my PC to finally play through it. I changed it up, for the most part, and played some games I haven’t played in a while.

I’ll start off with UFC 2009 Undisputed. It’s not out yet, but I downloaded the demo when I was at Laynix’s place on Sunday. I went decided I wanted to learn more about how to play the game and went through the practice tutorial provided in the game (the demo offers that and exhibition). I spent nearly 2 hours playing through the tutorial, learning all of the different commands and combos. I then played a few exhibition rounds to utilize my training. They really did do a great job with this game, as far as I can see with the demo, and I cannot wait to invest more time into the final product. This game might be the one I slip up and buy before June.

I decided that I haven’t been playing many racing games lately. Laynix has been playing Ferrari Challenge, and so I have started playing Grid. Grid is one unforgiving game. If you mess up even a little bit, usually it means you are going to lose the race. It is a game that you need to practice with and invest time in, or you’ll never get anywhere.

I did one race in Grid World mode, and after about 6 tries I finally got 2nd place. I then did some drifting in Race Day (single race) mode and practiced doing some drifts. It is very hard to drift if you have never played this mode before. I am definitely going to have to play this a lot more before I can be any good at it.

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey – What I Think So Far

I mentioned earlier that I had installed an older PC game. The game I installed was Dream Fall: The Longest Journey. It is a game I picked up quite a while ago, and never played much at all. I played it for about an hour or two before I stopped playing last night.

Dream Fall is a story driven action/adventure kind of game, with some puzzle and sneaking elements. It’s a different game than what I am used to, and that is why I am enjoying it so much.

Combat in the game isn’t all that deep, with just basic attacks and blocking. I haven’t had to do much of it so far anyway, so it doesn’t bother me too much. This is really my only complaint so far.

The Story is interesting. It seems to follow two different story lines right now. One is in a more futuristic setting, and the other is in a fantasy setting. It mostly follows the futuristic setting a bit more at this point, but I am thinking they will eventually come together. I have never played the game, so I don’t know.

I won’t go into the story in detail too much, but it goes like this. You play a girl named Zoe. She is a confused person with no ambition to do anything and it worries her. She sees random visions on television sets of a little girl and a black house in a snowy landscape. She has no idea what that is about and it freaks her out. She knows martial arts and can kick your ass. Her ex-boyfriend Reza seems to be a reporter who is doing some research on some big story and he asks Zoe to pick up a package for him. She goes to pick it up and then stuff begins getting weird. Reza goes missing and Zoe is investigating what happened to Reza. That is all I will say, to save spoiling too much of the story. The way they describe different parts of the government and how they work in the game reminds me of the book “1984” a little bit. I like it. I’ll leave the fantasy part of the story alone. Not much has really developed at this point in the game.

The Graphics, for a game released back in April of 2006, are really pretty. They aren’t very good, by today’s standards, but I still appreciate them. No complaints here, other than I wish the character faces showed more expressions.

Sound and music are well done. Environmental background noises are there and full. Character voices are well done. Sound effects, for the most part, are in sync and sound good. I enjoy the music quite a bit. Not much to really say other than that.

Controls are a tiny bit sluggish and feel weird at first, but you get used to them. The keys are well mapped out.

That is all I really have to say about Dreamfall so far, but I will give a final opinions when I finish the game. I read some information on the game, and it is apparently only about 10 hour long. I should be done it in a week or two. More on this game when I am finished.

The gaming continued after Dreamfall.

I finally got back to playing a bit of God of War: Chains of Olypmus for the PSP. It’s very good so far. I am in Hades right now. Hoping to have this finished soon as well.

Yesterday, between all of these games, I likely played games for about 8 or 9 hours. It was a great day, and I even watched a movie while I played some Grid. I watched Night of the Creeps. It’s a great movie. I am sure Sang over at Geeksploit appreciates brain slugs and knows the movie I am talking about. Detective says, “Ladies, I have good news and bad news. The good news is your dates are here”. One of the girls asks “What is the bad news?”. Detective, “They’re dead”. If you like 80’s horror movies, watch it.

That is it from me today. I didn’t get to play anything today. I woke up late, went to the gym, and am now at work. More gaming when I get home in the morning.