An update on the games I’m playing

I’ve finished Resident Evil 5 twice now, once on Veteran and once on Professional. Both times I was playing with Brock, and both times Brock was using the rocket launcher with unlimited ammo. This made it fairly easy. I now have this weapon and it makes quick work of bosses, usually killing them in one or two shots. I’ll be clearing up the rest of the trophies within a week or so.

I’ve also been playing Uncharted again. I’m on chapter 13 playing through on Crushing, and there are spots that are just tough as hell. I have some treasures to find in chapter 18, and the rest of the game to beat, and then I’ll have my platinum, likely making this one the second after LittleBigPlanet.

I finished Dirt on Rookie and started playing through it again on Clubman to unlock more cars and skins. This is a really good game and I’ll definitely pick up Dirt 2 when it’s out.

I’ve also started playing Final Fantasy XII again. I haven’t played this game in close to a year, and I’ve found out I’ve been playing it for 31 hours. I don’t remember what I was doing at the time, but I’ve killed a few enemies for the bestiary. I should be back on track tonight.

There’s a new web site for PSN trophies: This site links with your trophies from your PS3, and allows you to use a card as a signature for forums. It looks like this: korgrim It also shows a top 100 leaderboard, (out of currently 3621 players) and the top 10 countries (Canada is 3rd behind United States and United Kingdom). It launched maybe two weeks ago.


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