I want to try to get all of the trophies in the games I have for PS3, but so far I’ve only completed LittleBigPlanet. This took quite a bit of time, but the game is so good that it wasn’t a problem.

I recently tried out The Lord of the Rings Conquest because it’s a very easy platinum. I borrowed this game so I wasn’t out any money. It can be 100% completed in about 7 hours, but it is so bad and annoyed me so much that I couldn’t stand playing it for more than about 30 minutes. The worst part is the voice telling you where you are supposed to go every 30-60 seconds, even when you are at your objective doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. The game also has a bad targeting system, and for a game where you are just slaughtering tons of orcs, and having no way to actually target anything, when you face in the direction of one, you should at least be able to hit them every time. Most of the time it was fine but sometimes I would just swing and actually be swinging to the side. The game had you destroy objects, but all you do is just keep mashing square until it is destroyed. Boring. I gave up after 6 or 7 trophies and never want to play it again.

This week my cousin and I have decided we want to get the Valor Citation trophy by being in the top 1% of all players for the week. We missed Sunday but we played it for 2-3 hours the last two nights. What we are doing is playing a 1 on 1 private online match and just going back and forth killing each other. This is a lot of work, it will take about 3 times as long as playing Conquest all of the way through, but it’s more fun than that game.

The other game I’ve been playing a lot of is EVE Online. CCP has added a couple of nice features that cleared up the two most annoying things to have to deal with when I played it a couple of years ago. First, it’s out in space, and you have to travel between solar systems with stargates. The system before worked like this: I warped my ship to the gate, but it would be 15 km away, then travel towards the stargate taking about 30 seconds before getting close enough to warp. 30 seconds doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you often travel through a dozen solar systems to get to where you want to go, over and over, it is a lot of time. The way around this, only for systems you commonly traveled between, was to go 15 km past a gate and make a book mark, then warp to that bookmark instead of the gate and then jump right away. This took a long time to set up, and didn’t always put me in the right spot. They fixed this by making it possible to just warp to within 0 km of the gates, or stations, or anything else in the game. It cuts travel time drastically and makes the game much more enjoyable.
The other thing they did was add a skill training queue. In the past, there wasn’t a queue, so I had to select the next skill to be trained once one finished, training skills requiring a lot of time over night, and hoping to remember to log in to select new skills when they would finish. EVE now has a queue, which allows for 24 hours + of skill training.

I’ve also tried MadWorld out, but I’ve only finished the first level. It’s a lot of fun, but I’ll talk about it more when I’ve played it more.


One Response to “Trophies…”

  1. Chris Hill Says:

    My room mate is an achievement whore on Xbox 360. He has a gamerscore of 45,621.

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