New stuff

Well, after seeing a stupid ad and penny-arcade’s awesome comic, I had to get my very own Gillette Fusion Gamer razor. I opted for the non-vibration variety, and not the “Power Gamer” because force feedback does not seem to be a requirement in a gaming facial obsidian shard removal device.

I’m away from home for a week when I’m away I typically forget to bring something, and this time it was my regular Mach3 razor. This put me in the market for a new razor. This one was very inexpensive considering it came with two blades. It’s larger than the Mach3, which is nice, and has some gel grips on it. I like it a lot more than the Mach3, so it was worth it. I also bought some shave gel because I find my face is fairly dry recently after using just hand soap to shave. I don’t like the smell of this stuff.

My other gaming purchase of yesterday was The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I’ve been meaning to pick this up for quite some time, but for what ever reason, have not. Until now!

It’s nearly been out for a year and a half now, and being such a good game, it is still available new. I’ll probably put off playing it for a bit though. At least until I’ve finished one of many DS games I already have on the go.

With the new found power from the Gillette Fusion Gamer I have been plowing through what is left of F.E.A.R. 2, and hope to finish it tonight before I have to go to sleep.


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