About My Day, And What Is Coming Out This Week.

This week we will see a couple of games come out that are of interest to Laynix and I. Those games are Mad World for the Wii, and Resident Evil 5 for the PS3/360. I’ll likely be picking up both of them (Resident Evil 5 is pre-ordered, Mad World I am still awaiting reviews).

I am currently on my night shift at work, and it’s 1:26 a.m. There is a woman coming in this morning, and she’ll be selling me her Turbo Grafx 16 and 3 games for $50. We’ll see how good the condition of the console, games, and boxes is. I am hoping decent.

I will most likely be picking up House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii as well. I haven’t played it since the first gaming session with Laynix I posted about. I love zombies. It’ll be a fun game for the girlfriend and I to play together.

As far as my day goes, I really only played Killzone 2, and will likely be playing some Puzzle Quest in a little bit. In Killzone 2, I’ve been going through each level on different difficulties and getting trophies.

I have been enjoying going through the levels again, in Killzone 2. Elite difficulty, which you unlock once you beat the game, is pretty tough. I think I can handle it. Recruit difficulty is a joke, and you pretty much have to try to die to actually die. Or suck really bad. Either way.

A lot of the trophies are really easy to obtain. The only ones I am going to have problems getting are the online multiplayer ones. That may be tough considering I only have dial up internet. I guess we’ll see how it turns out. Maybe a miracle will happen and I will have some way of obtaining high speed (other than going to Laynix’s or someone else’s house).

I’ll be doing more posts this week, as I receive stuff. Expect another one today for the Turbo Grafx.


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