Killzone is complete

Earlier this week I finished Killzone 2. Overall, I enjoyed the game. The graphics were amazing; there were some cool blur effects on things giving it a bit more 3-D realism, I didn’t notice any textures repeating, and everything just looked cool. There were a couple things I noticed that I didn’t like though. Overall, the voice acting and script were weak, and when characters talked, their mouths didn’t move properly. The really fun parts like shooting guys up with an anti-air turret didn’t last long enough.
It was very frustrating at times, but I was able to get past those points fairly quickly, and it wasn’t too bad on normal. I haven’t played much online yet, but I plan to. A few of my friends have it and are connected to the Internet .
In my opinion, this game is a must have for the system.
I still need to play it through hard and complete all of the trophies, but I killed the boss on the default difficulty.

I played some more F.E.A.R. 2, it’s also very good, but it’s getting quite repetitive, although it is a shooter, so I guess that makes a bit of sense. I wish I could walk around in the mech suit more.

I’ve also been getting back in to LOTRO. My guardian is just an hour or two of play time short of finally achieving level 60, and I’ll be finishing that off tonight.

There isn’t a lot to mention, but next week I will be away from home, and I’ll be bringing my PS3 and a laptop, so I’ll likely post a bit more then.


One Response to “Killzone is complete”

  1. I am kind of frustrated with Killzone 2 right now. I can’t seem to get past the first big room in the palace. I am at the part where I go up to the balcony. Hopefully I get past it soon. I am close to the end.

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