Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for Nintendo DS – Complete

Yes, after about 3 weeks or so of playing it on and off, I finally finished the game. I am fairly pleased with it. I will just list the pros and cons of the game.

– capturing and collecting enemy souls that give you a new ability when you have them equipped
– souls may also be used to upgrade your weapons
– a good selection of weapons, and upgrades for them
– game doesn’t get frustrating. If you have problems with a boss, go level up and try them again.
– decent story
– 3 different endings – the game can end at certain intervals in the game, but it doesn’t save over your game. You can keep going from your last save. The first 2 endings are bad endings, the third is the good ending. This way you can see all of the endings without playing through the game numerous times.
– lots of secret areas to find
– there are different play modes to unlock when you beat the game
– collecting souls can be addicting

– if you don’t like grinding enemies you may find the game a bit boring in spots. Typical of RPGs, so should expect this.
– to achieve the good ending you need certain souls to get into a certain area where a boss is. You need to fight this boss to gain his ability to enable you move through one of the areas in the game. It’s not 100% clear unless you already know what you’re doing. I did have to take a quick peak at a strategy guide to figure out what I had to do. The map is big and I grew slightly impatient trying to find where to go next.
– collecting souls can be addicting

That about covers it. I enjoyed this game quite a bit, and can’t wait to buy the next 2 games in the series for the DS, when I have the funds available.

I played more Killzone 2 today as well. I actually got frustrated at one point, but I realized I wasn’t doing something properly. All is well, no broken controllers. Yay. I’ll explain this in more detail when I finish the game.


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