Killzone 2, holy crap!

First, the one game I got today; Shadow of the Ninja.
Enough about that.

I downloaded the Killzone 2 demo tonight, and I have to say, it’s the best looking game I’ve ever played. Although the demo was extremely short, it showed enough. I will definitely buy it tomorrow as long as I can find it.

There is a lot of action happening all around, and no slow down. Things up close are slightly blurry, making it seem a bit more three dimensional. Bodies convulse as they are pumped full of bullets. When a bullet strikes metal there is an orange glow for a second. Explosions look fantastic. I can’t wait.

Next week Empire Total War comes out, which I most likely will be getting. The following week is MadWorld, which I will definitely buy. I’m going to hold off on Resident Evil 5 for now. The only other two games I have interest in, that come out in March anyway, are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Wet.

Tonight I’ve played some F.E.A.R. 2, Raiden III, Super Mario Galaxy, and LotRO.


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