The Mail And A Trip To Scotty’s – Feb 25, 2009

Alright, today was a nice day. The sun was out for most of the day and I seemed to wake up early this morning. I decided it was a good day for a drive…to Scotty’s in Walkerton. I took Killing Time (3DO) to get resurfaced there, and also made a couple of purchases.
Gradius V and Kung Fu
I tried my best not to buy anything, honestly, but I couldn’t help but notice that Gradius V was sitting on the shelf. I was skeptical at first, and decided against it. I ended up picking up Kung Fu and Shodow of the Ninja(for Laynix), both for the NES. I came home, but Gradius was still on my mind. I felt I had made a mistake by not picking it up. I looked on Metacritic and then Ebay, and I had definitely made a mistake by not picking it up. I drove back and picked it up. Was worth the extra trip. I will not be making that kind of mistake again anytime soon. Gradius is great, by the way. If you like the series and any other side scrolling space ship shooters, then you’ll be happy with the purchase.
As for the mail, I received Raiden for the Atari Jaguar, in original box with manual. Seems to be in good condition, other than the box has some minor wear. I haven’t received my Atari Jaguar yet, but I will be picking it up tomorrow. Expect a post either tomorrow or Friday on that.

Also, Killzone 2 will be a post on Friday. I wish I didn’t work that night. *sigh*


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