Yesterday’s Purchases and Mail.

Yeah, I was really busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to really take pictures and post. Anyway, here is what I got yesterday and Sunday.

These are the televisions I picked up yesterday in Kitchener for cheap. Nice to have extras, and I was running out of room in the one area. Now I have another TV set up with more consoles.

I picked up my Turbo Grafx 16 yesterday (at the same time that I picked up Laynix’s) and it works well. I received Keith Courage with it. I will be making a separate post on that game altogether. It is very good.

I picked up a Game Cube as well. It came with 4 controllers, a monitor, a memory card, and 8 games. The following was the stuff that I kept, and Laynix took the rest. I also picked up Star Fox Adventures, but I left it at the girlfriend’s place. Pic will be posted when I can get it.

As I said, I also received some mail yesterday. I received Killer Instinct for SNES with box and manual. Box and manual are in ok condition, but nothing too special. The game works. The other game is Corpse Killer for the Sega CD 32x. It works, case is in ok shape, disc in almost unused condition. It seems to lag a bit though. I don’t know why.

Finally, I got 4 Playstation 1 games off of a lady at work. They are not in the best shape. 3 out of the 4 cases are cracked, and 2 of the game discs need to be buffed. The games are Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Destruction Derby 2, and Dynasty Warriors.

I have come to the conclusion that we buy too much and need to play these games before we buy anything else.

Update: Here is Star Fox Adventures for the Game Cube that I bought. It works. Yay.


One Response to “Yesterday’s Purchases and Mail.”

  1. Killer Instinct, nice!

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