Maximum Carnage

When I was younger, I used to own this for my Sega Genesis. It was quite the game back then, and I played it quite a bit. I reclaimed this game about a year or so ago for my SNES, and have recently been playing it a little bit.

For those who don’t know what Maximum Carnage is, it’s a side scrolling beat ’em up based on Marvel’s Spider-Man. Carnage(a bad guy) is on a rampage, taking up evil allies, and trying to destroy everything (including Spider-Man and Venom). The player plays as Spider-Man for a while, but after a few levels you may choose either Spider-man or Venom as playable characters. Each level the player moves in the direction indicated, dispatching foes as they are met. Each level ends with a boss. Pretty standard.

I don’t recall if I had ever completed the game or not. The game is fairly challenging, but not frustrating. I will be playing this once or twice a day until I have completed it. If anything interesting occurs that is note worthy, I shall post an update. I currently have made it as far as Downtown Streets part 2 (I think that is the name of the level?…if not it’s something similar).


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  1. I have this game too (technically it belongs to my brother) and it is great!

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