New games today

I checked the mail today and two games were waiting for me.  Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES is a game that I played as a kid and had a lot of fun with, and Skies of Arcadia Legends is a Gamecube game that is a port from the Dreamcast (with some modifications).  I expected Rescue Rangers to be in better condition since the ebay auction said it was in “great condition”, but it’s ok, and it started on only the third try!  I’ll need to clean it though because the graphics were all screwed up.


3 Responses to “New games today”

  1. Hmm… I’ll have to figure out how to insert pictures a bit better than that.

  2. I love skies of Arcadia for the dreamcast. Didn’t know they moved it over the the Game Cube. Going to have to check that out now.

  3. Matt The Gamer Says:

    Today’s mail had a 300 mA Deluxe universal AC/DC Adaptor, and a Sega Game gear with 5 games in the carrying case.
    I needed the adaptor for my Atari. It’ll come in handy if any of my power adaptors for my consoles break (at least for the old consoles).
    Only thing wrong with the Game Gear is the screen is a bit scratched. Not a bad deal for only $30, with carrying case and 5 games.

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