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E-Bay Monthly Review for February 2009

Posted in Auctions and Stores - Monthly Review on February 28, 2009 by Matt

Alright, so this is going to be a run down of all of the sellers on E-Bay that I have made a purchase from in the last month. Each will have a quick comment describing how business went down with the seller (may be longer depending on the quality of the product, communication, support, etc.). Here we go.

glaucus04: I bought from this seller Panzer Dragoon for the Sega Saturn. The initial copy he sent did not work. I asked for a refund and he gave me the choice of a refund or another copy of the game. I chose another copy, and he shipped it to me for free, and didn’t ask for me to return the other copy. At first, I wasn’t impressed, but this person did what they could to keep me happy. *thumbs up*

cschena: I purchased Alone in the Dark One-Eyed Jack’s Revenge for the Sega Saturn from this seller. It doesn’t work, and I am getting a refund without any hassles.

completenintendogames: I purchased Killer Instinct for the SNES from this seller. Item came as described, and works.

andrei710: Purchased Dark Wizard for Sega CD from this seller. Came as described and works.

erick585: Purchased Corpse Killer for the Sega CD 32X. Item came as described and works.

omega_collectables423: Ordered a SNES a/v cable. Came fast and works.

tree52757: I purchased Nights for the Sega Saturn from this seller. It came as described and works.

gameoverrg: Purchased Earthworm Jim for the Sega Genesis off of this seller. It came as described and works. Had a bit of dirt on it though. Not a huge concern.

mikstang: Bought R-Type for the Sega Master System off of this seller. Came as described and works.

jerekddd: I purchased a universal ac/dc power adapter from this seller. Item came fast and works.

videoshock: I purchased 2 no-name genesis controllers from this seller. Items were not as described (“high quality” – don’t think so). One controller broke within the first 5 minutes of use. Can get a refund, but it’s almost not worth the trouble since the controllers were cheap. You get what you pay for, I guess. I purchased Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for the PS1 off of this seller. It came as described and works.

nebrazca78: Purchased Gex for the Sega Saturn off of this seller. It came as described and works.

santas-stockpile: I purchased Blaster Master for the NES from this seller. It came as described and works.

asplund3388: I picked up Gradius for the NES from the seller. It came as described and works fine. Needed a cleaning and marker removal, but that was in the description. It was cheap.

markandjoygames: I purchased a few things from this seller. I purchased both Colony Wars and Colony Wars Vengeance. I had messaged the seller for better descriptions of the items, and they delivered. They described how many scratches were on the discs, they tested the discs again, described case and manual conditions, anything I wanted to know about the items. Both games came in better condition than described. Very happy with my purchases from this seller.

emanouel2k: I purchased 3 Sega Saturn lithium backup batteries from this seller. Came new and worked.

world_wide_videogame_connection: I ordered Novastorm for the 3DO from this seller. Came as described and works perfectly.

spot1970: I ordered 3 games(Blade Force, Shockwave and Shockwave 2 for 3DO) from this seller. They combined shipping for me and shipped it quickly. Items came better than I expected and work perfectly. *thumbs up*

ubisoftpod_comp_parts: I purchased Raiden for the Atari Jaguar from this seller. It shipped fast, came as described, and works.

classicgamingwarehouse I purchased Xevious for the NES from this seller. It doesn’t work and the seller is giving me a refund.

That is it for this month. These are all items purchased within the last 31 days that I have received. Some items I have purchased have not came in yet, and will likely be added in to this post in an update. Either that, or on the next review.

Killzone 2

Posted in General, In The Mail/Purchased Items, New Releases on February 27, 2009 by Laynix

I bought it. It’s awesome. If you have any doubts on the quality of this game, forget about them. It is worth buying, for sure. You don’t really need to see a picture of mine, it’s identical to Matt’s. The crazy menu set up keeps flickering and blurring as if it’s turning 3-D, if you had red/blue 3-D glasses. There’s a warning at the start about seizures, and maybe it’s there for a test. If you can’t make it past the menu without having a seizure, don’t play the game.
The AI is good. I played a deathmatch map with bots, and they threw grenades up at my position on a balcony, and they melee attack too. They really do act as if they are actual players.

The other games I’ve been playing today are a bit of LOTRO and a bit of Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve really been neglecting LOTRO lately. My brother and a few good friends play often, they are doing end game stuff, and I’m still one level away from 60. I’ll be getting a GTX 260 in the mail Monday or Tuesday, and that should completely eliminate the small amount of FPS loss that I get, which will likely encourage me to play more often. I’ve just been working on a few quests around Dolven-view today.

Something I found out about today is Contra for LittleBigPlanet. I found it on Kotaku, and you can go here to get the level and creator names. It has all eight of the levels in eight separate LBP levels. I only tried the Jungle level so far, it’s pretty fun.

I’m buying a sweet Dreamcast in box tomorrow! I’ll make a post with pictures tomorrow.

Items Obtained Feb 26th-27th, 2009

Posted in Classic Gaming, In The Mail/Purchased Items, New Releases on February 27, 2009 by Matt

Alright, I was away for a day. I am back, and with me, I have brought a few things home.

We’ll start off first with the game I received in the mail, yesterday. I received Xevious for the NES in box with manual. It doesn’t work. I am getting a refund.

I went to Waterloo yesterday and on my way down, I was passing through Listowel. I had been meaning to visit a store in Listowel for a while, and thought that it was my chance to check it out. The store is called Little Shop of Heroes. It’s a decent little shop that has a lot of different items, but my draw was naturally the used games he sold. He had a selection of games for the NES, Super NES, N64, PS1-3, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo DS, XBox and Xbox 360, Game Cube and Nintendo Wii. Even some old arcade machines and such. I ended up purchasing Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Eternal Darkness for the Game Cube. All in decent condition, other than Eternal Darkness’ manual was bent a little bit and the case was a little dirty. Not a big deal. The prices were not bad either. I give the shop a thumbs up.

Once I made it to Waterloo, it was time to visit Ryan. He had for me my Atari Jaguar with 3 games. The Jaguar works great and so do the games. Happy with the purchase. He also fixed my Sega Saturn. It works now. Yay.

From Ryan, I also purchased Tale Spin and Bomber Man for the Turbo Grafx 16. Both games came without a case, but it was a decent deal nonetheless.

Today, I went to EB Games in Waterloo. In my wallet was a burning receipt for a pre-order. The picture is right there, so I guess you already know.

Killzone 2 is likely the best looking game I have ever played. I haven’t played much of it yet, but it’s intense enough so far. I will make a post on this game in the future.
I also purchased Flower and Soldner-X off of the Playstation Network. Flower is an interested, very relaxing game. Soldner-X I haven’t formed an opinion on yet. It seemed good for the whole 5 minutes I played. We’ll see what it’s like soon.

Anyway, that is about it for now. Sorry the posts seem to be quick, just been busy with a few things and actually playing games. Still playing Castlevania on my DS, and almost finished it. Yay. New post will be up tomorrow. I’ll talk about something other than buying games.

Killzone 2, holy crap!

Posted in Classic Gaming, New Releases on February 26, 2009 by Laynix

First, the one game I got today; Shadow of the Ninja.
Enough about that.

I downloaded the Killzone 2 demo tonight, and I have to say, it’s the best looking game I’ve ever played. Although the demo was extremely short, it showed enough. I will definitely buy it tomorrow as long as I can find it.

There is a lot of action happening all around, and no slow down. Things up close are slightly blurry, making it seem a bit more three dimensional. Bodies convulse as they are pumped full of bullets. When a bullet strikes metal there is an orange glow for a second. Explosions look fantastic. I can’t wait.

Next week Empire Total War comes out, which I most likely will be getting. The following week is MadWorld, which I will definitely buy. I’m going to hold off on Resident Evil 5 for now. The only other two games I have interest in, that come out in March anyway, are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Wet.

Tonight I’ve played some F.E.A.R. 2, Raiden III, Super Mario Galaxy, and LotRO.

Goodie! It’s my very first Genesis game!

Posted in Classic Gaming, In The Mail/Purchased Items on February 25, 2009 by Laynix

This is what arrived in the mail today. Seriously, it’s going to slow down soon. There are only going to be four more packages arriving either this week or next, then it should slow down. Unless I can find a good deal on Super Mario RPG or Yoshi’s Island I’m going to take a bit of a break from ebay.
Now, to the games.

The first one is Rad Racer II, a game created by the racing game masters, Square Soft, Inc. and released in 1990 exclusively in North America. It’s hard to beat driving a Ferrari at 255 mph on a road through a seizure inducing beach. Seriously, check it out.
I was going to post a bit of a rant about ebay users and how they can be very dishonest, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now. This game has a damaged label, and some other damage to the cart, and was also very dirty, and I wouldn’t have bought it if the seller mentioned this. After a few emails he has offered to refund my money including my shipping when it is returned. I’ll update this post when that is finished.

Next is Ghostbusters. It’s bad. It’s a port from the Commodore 64, only the graphics aren’t as good. Seriously.

Finally, Beavis and Butt-head for the Genesis. This is in great shape, with manual, and it’s really the first Genesis game I own. It’s also the first game for any Sega system. I don’t even have a Genesis yet!
Anyway, Beavis and Butt-head was my favorite show when I was about 12-13. I wanted this game, but I didn’t have a Genesis, and I didn’t get the SNES version. It isn’t as good as this one, and hopefully it’s worth the wait.

Update #1: Well, the guy came through better than I expected. He refunded the purchase of Rad Racer II and doesn’t even want to have it returned. His ebay ID is captaincrunch_280. I bought another one of his games with the refund.

The Mail And A Trip To Scotty’s – Feb 25, 2009

Posted in In The Mail/Purchased Items on February 25, 2009 by Matt

Alright, today was a nice day. The sun was out for most of the day and I seemed to wake up early this morning. I decided it was a good day for a drive…to Scotty’s in Walkerton. I took Killing Time (3DO) to get resurfaced there, and also made a couple of purchases.
Gradius V and Kung Fu
I tried my best not to buy anything, honestly, but I couldn’t help but notice that Gradius V was sitting on the shelf. I was skeptical at first, and decided against it. I ended up picking up Kung Fu and Shodow of the Ninja(for Laynix), both for the NES. I came home, but Gradius was still on my mind. I felt I had made a mistake by not picking it up. I looked on Metacritic and then Ebay, and I had definitely made a mistake by not picking it up. I drove back and picked it up. Was worth the extra trip. I will not be making that kind of mistake again anytime soon. Gradius is great, by the way. If you like the series and any other side scrolling space ship shooters, then you’ll be happy with the purchase.
As for the mail, I received Raiden for the Atari Jaguar, in original box with manual. Seems to be in good condition, other than the box has some minor wear. I haven’t received my Atari Jaguar yet, but I will be picking it up tomorrow. Expect a post either tomorrow or Friday on that.

Also, Killzone 2 will be a post on Friday. I wish I didn’t work that night. *sigh*

It’s Feb. 24, and you know what that means…

Posted in Classic Gaming, In The Mail/Purchased Items on February 24, 2009 by Laynix

That’s right, I checked the mail, and it’s Tuesday!
I bought another 10 games from the ebay user dokidoki32, and just like the games before, these are in very good condition. Lots of people on ebay say that the games have been professionally cleaned, but this guy actually delivers. When I get new games, I like to clean them right away, but these were ready to go. He said that the labels have minor wear, and it’s so minor that they are some of my best looking NES carts.
The following games are:Ninja Gaiden, Trojan, Willow, Guerrilla War, Star Wars, The Mutant Virus, Ninja Kid, Demon Sword, Commando, and Milon’s Secret Castle. The last picture is another game from a different auction, Snake’s Revenge, and I have Contra there too because it was in my NES and it’s one of the games I play the most.

As for what I’ve been playing today, I tried out all of the games I got, and played Street Fighter IV, F.E.A.R. 2, and Resistance 2. I’m trying for the 10,000 kills in Resistance 2, but I’m only at about 1600.